Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Logo contest

To start with our project, each country produces logotypes and local contests decide which two logos represent the country.

All the logos must contain the Erasmus-logo, the name �Out of the dark� and it must be drawn by students.

The result from all countries are being sent to Erika Stralberg, and Sweden, as responsible of the logo contest, upload two logos from each country in December, and they are also published on the official website.

Each country evaluates the logos: 4 points to the winner, 3 points to the second, 2 points for the third and 1 point for the last.Of course, we are not allowed to vote on logos from our own country.

Logos made in Italy:

1st classified: Logo Italy 1

 2nd classified: Logo Italy 2


Logos made in Sweden

1st classified: Logo Sweden 1

2nd classified: Logo Sweden 2

Logos made in Spain:

1st classified: Logo Spain 1, by Nuria Rambla

 2nd classified: Logo Spain 2, by Iv�n Aceituno.

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